Ivory Vein


Enroute Deadsnows

The PCs were sent to Deadsnows in Icespear valley, to investigate what is going on inside the nearby Ironboot Mine. There was a dwarf, Iufin Ironboot, found dead outside the mine, slashed up but also with puncture wounds. A family friend, Siddan went to investigate and never came back.

On the road you met a man and acquired a dog, whom you named Sir Barkley the First of Woofington.

Close to Deadsnows, you run into a cleric being attacked by a gang of Kobolds, all bearing the same burn on their hand. You easily sent them running and find that the man is Joshua Joshuamann, a friend of Aur’s and the one who asked your guild master to send you.

You learned about the Spellplague that happened several decades ago, where Mystra was assassinated and The Weave was destroyed. Wild magic blue flames plagued the multiverse, destroying parts of Faerun and reshaping it in others. Deadsnows was one of those such places, destroyed and abandoned. Only recently has it been being rebuilt.

Dr. P is the drink of intellectuals

When you arrive in Deadsnows, there is a commotion at the south gate. You all follow Joshua to see a dwarven man bleeding out, Joshua tries to help but the dwarf stops him and whispers to him; “Don’t let them have it” and he passes. He was Torbjorn Ironboot.

Ciaran: learned about Icespear Manor, that was destroyed during the plague. People say there is still riches left in the cellar, but people also say the land is haunted, strange sights and sounds at night. Being on the property is currently forbidden by the town Sherriff.

Vexxy: learned about the druid, Ol’Tom and rumors of a Red Dragon being seen in the area. Coral Brittlebeard can help you more with learning about the Ironboots, but he speaks poor common and is unfriendly to non-dwarves.

Luna: learned that the shop keep Jun gets visitors late at night.

Cash: learned about the Hospice of Marthammor Duin, north of Deadsnows and reasonably assumed to be haunted. Some say the Hospice leads straight down to the underdark.

Legolas: Tryed to sell an ‘’’’’’enchanted cookie’’’’’’’’’’



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